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James Lea

About James

James explains his vision for a scene...

James has been working in television since 1983, when he first picked up a broadcast video camera as a Junior in High School.

James has traveled the world shooting stories and dramatic reenactments for clients that range from local companies to worldwide broadcasters.

About James

His experience includes many years spent working as a freelance videograpner, producer, live shot camera operator, sound engineer, editor, and director. James' clients include The Weather Channel, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, ABC Sports, CBN News, Reuters, Associated Press TV, Al Jazeera and many more networks, local affiliates, and corporate clients.


James is an expert Director of Photography and videographer and has set-up, lit, and filmed hundreds of interviews around the world.


Interview Still

His interview credits include Robert Duvall, Tim Tebow, Saxby Chambliss, and many more people. Watch James' Demo Reel Here!

Dramatic Reenactments

On the set of King David's Palace

James has directed, lit, and shot numerous reenactments, ranging from simple setups to large scale productions, such as The Temple of Solomon, The Oracle of Delphi, William Tyndale, and Pergamum.

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

In addition to shooting interviews, visuals, and reenactments, James covered over 150 hurricanes and spent countless weeks storm chasing for The Weather Channel and many other clients.


James covering the earthquake in Port au Prince

He was also embedded on the USNS Comfort during the response to the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

James was the only freelance videojournalist to be embedded on the USNS Comfort during the weeks following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake and he provided coverage of the crew's relief efforts for several clients internationally. Using technology that he co-developed for The Weather Channel, he fed his stories over a satellite Internet connection.

James spent a total of four weeks in Haiti and covered stories as diverse as Navy medicine, international disaster medical response, orphanage vignettes, and the corporate aviation community's impressive response to the relief effort.

Download James' Résumé in PDF format.


Director of Photography – Adroit Films, LLC - November 2012 - Present

  • Founded Adroit Films to pursue production of several documentaries for clients worldwide
  • Developing a television series for international distribution
  • Co-Developing a Patient Video Training Series for Hospitals and Assisted Living Centers

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Senior Videographer – The Christian Broadcasting Network - April 2010 – February 2013

  • Served as a Director of Photography and traveled domestically and abroad covering news stories and features productions.
  • Shot hundreds of interviews and reenactments, including large-scale historical reenactments, with dozens of actors in the studio and on location.
  • Maintained an HD Production Kit valued over $275,000.00.

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Freelance Videographer / Producer – Outreach Productions, Inc. - January 1989 – April 2010

  • Contracted to domestic and international broadcast clients such as The Weather Channel, ABC News, Associated Press Television, CONUS Communications, and many others as a freelance cameraman / producer.
  • Specialized in severe weather, natural disaster, and breaking news coverage.
  • Co-developed a system to FTP video to The Weather Channel over the Internet, providing significant savings over satellite delivery.

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Randolph Technical College - February 1988 – January 1990

  • Studied Commercial Photography with a minor in Photojournalism with an emphasis on lighting and composition as well as how to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and on budget.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill - August 1985 – December 1986

  • Major – Radio, Television, Motion Pictures

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What James Brings to your Project

James' 30 years experience provide a broad range of skills that include:

  • Director of Photography • Cinematographer
  • Director • News Videographer
  • Studio Camera Operator • Grip
  • Gaffer • Audio Technician

James is expertly capable on the following cameras:

  • Sony PMW-F3 • Sony EX-3 • Sony EX-1
  • Sony PDW-F350 • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon C300 • Panasonic DVCPro

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What James Brings to your Project

James has a working knowledge of the following Cameras:

  • Panasonic AF100 • Sony NEX-FS700

James is adroitly skilled in lighting any situation from a simple one light news interview to a complex large-scale dramatic set.

James' Demo Reel

Watch More of James' Work Here!

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Sony PMW-F3 Cinematic Rushes

Take a look at some rushes from a large scale cinematic shoot on which James was the Director of Photography.

Slow Motion Handgun Shooting

James was the Director of Photography and Talent in this piece, which was shot with Sony's NEX-FS700 Camera.

A Fatherless Prodigal Son

A fatherless prodigal son testimony. James served as Director of Photography for Producer Carrie Matsko.

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